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  • GRS
  • Global Recycled
  • Standard
  • The GRS standard certifies products obtained from recycled materials. It enhances responsible and sustainable development in the textile sector, promoting the importance of making products with recycled materials, in compliance with environmental and social criteria extended to all stages of the production chain.
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  • GOTS
  • Global Organic
  • Textile Standard
  • Traceability of the entire supply chain
  • Biological origin of the raw material
  • Low environmental impact in industrial processing
  • Corporate social responsibility (working conditions respect for workers’ rights / no discrimination / no child labor)
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  • FSC ®
  • Forest Stewardship Council
  • Ask for our FSC ® certified products
  • Forest Stewardship Council guarantees that textile products come from wood pulp obtained in sustainably managed plantations, in order not to impoverish the planet, in particular respecting and promoting the conservation of forests.
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  • RAF
  • Responsible Animal Fiber Standard
  • The RAF standard ensures that the origin of animal fibers comes from certified farms where animals are treated according to their five freedoms and also guarantees best practices in land management and protection. Through the processing stages, the certification guarantees full traceability of the entire production chain.
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  • BCI
  • Better Cotton Iinitiative
  • Better cotton helps cotton communities survive and thrive by protecting and restoring the environment for more sustainable cotton farming.